6th Grade Band

Sixth Grade Band is open to all sixth grade students at Hamilton Intermediate School during the first two weeks of school. Enrollment is also offered to any student who moves into the district who has already participated in band at their previous school. Students learn the basics of playing a band instrument and perform two concerts each year in December and in May. Sixth Grade Band meets once a week during 1st period. Most students join with the intent of continuing in the band program through their senior year of high school. Sixth Grade Band is directed by Mr. Lance Fulton and Mrs. Amanda Laing, who are also the Assistant Directors of the Hamilton Township High School Bands.

Sixth grade band is offered to any interested sixth grade students as a year-long course. Students learn the fundamentals skills required to play the basic band instruments and have the opportunity to perform in concert at least two times a year. Band meets twice a week as a “like instrument” group where students learn in a more specialized group setting than the typical classroom. Most students join band with the intention of continuing through their senior year of high school.

Required Materials

Students are responsible for obtaining their own instrument, accessories and music book (Essential Elements 2000, Book 1) and for any necessary repairs their instrument may need. All clarinet and saxophone players are required to have a box of Mitchell Lurie size 2.5 reeds.

All band students are required to practice at home every day for at least 15-20 minutes. Please be supportive of your child’s practice routine and ask to listen to him or her play. Regular practice is the only way for students to have a successful band experience. This is our band homework!

Private Lessons 

Private lessons are not required, but highly encouraged for all students. Most teachers charge between $10-$20 for a 30 minute lesson once a week. Lessons with a private teacher are the way to be the best you can possibly be at your instrument.

Private teachers expect their students to practice their assignment every week, purchase their own music, and show up on time to each lesson. Many teachers ask for pre-payment for a set of lessons. Sometimes they will give you a free first lesson to see if you think it’s a good match for you.

You can contact any Music and Arts location for lessons. Also, I have a link to the staff directory at the bottom of the page for the Ohio State University School of Music. You can contact the professor of your instrument to see if they have a college student who would like to give lessons.

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