To the Hamilton Band Parents:

Schedules and classes are now in place and we are focused on a solid curriculum certain to make a difference in the life of every student in our program. I would like to share some ways that you can help support our program.

Encouraging Parent: Competence is the result of dedication “time on Task”. Music learning, music performance, and music appreciation are the outcomes of study, practice, and guided listening. With limited rehearsal time, it is imperative that students invest extra time in nurturing their talents and improving their skills. Please encourage a positive practice schedule. Remember that practice time must be framed as a benefit and not as a disciplinary penalty.

Loyal, Appreciative Audience: The best audience is always parents. You are faced with a full agenda in your personal and professional life, and you are challenged to adjust your schedule to accommodate every school function. However, your presence at our performances will mean more to your child than words can describe. Music is a family affair. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your child’s talent.

Booster Member: There are many ways to aid and participate in our parent support organization. Please join with other parents who realize the far-reaching potential of theArts and take advantage of the synergy created by sharing a common educational philosophy. This organization ensures the future of quality music education for your child and fellow artists.

The music program at Hamilton Local continues to flourish because of a substantive curriculum, a well- informed and supportive administration, and exemplary parental support. You make a difference!

I look forward to visiting with you in the near future.

In the interest of your child,

Mr. Mark L. Frazier

Director of Bands

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